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ISO 14644-1:2015 Update

I would like to inform you that the ISO 14644-1 for Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments was recently updated. The new ISO 14644-1:2015 was published on the 15th December 2015 - finally and after 9 years of a working group, WG01 of TC209.

We have prepared for you a short presentation with the key changes – please find it below


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ISO 14644 Standard Update Part 1 and Part 2

ISO 14644 Part 1 and Part 2 have been revised as new, Final Draft International Standard (FDIS): ISO/FDIS 14644-1 (2015),Cleanrooms and controlled environments, Part 1: Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration, and ISO/FDIS 14644-2 (2015), Cleanrooms and controlled environments, Part 2: Monitoring to provide evidence of cleanroom performance related to air cleanliness by particle concentration.

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