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Cleaning Validation

Development of cleaning programs in general is a rigorous, time consuming and often frustrating experience. The objective of cleaning validation is to ensure that a specific cleaning process will consistently clean to predetermined limits so as to prevent contaminants (product or cleaning process related) from leaving residues that will adulterate and adversely affect the safety and quality of the next product manufactured. Cleaning validation is documented proof that one can consistently and effectively cleanse a system or equipment item.

Clevair has extensive experience in developing meaningful acceptance criteria and ensuring the execution is conducted in an orderly manner. Our experienced staff can provide services in Cleaning validation. Our highly skilled individuals can ensure that equipment-cleaning procedures are removing residues to predetermined levels of acceptability.

These individuals are trained to:

  • Understand regulatory requirements, guidelines and expectations
  • Select and evaluate effective cleaning methods and processes
  • Establish residue limits and calculate sample acceptance criteria
  • Select sampling and analytical methods
  • Simplify the cleaning validation program.

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Who we are

Clevair is a pioneer in the field of third party cleanroom validation services. 
We excel in providing independent cleanroom validation and cleanroom certification with modern equipment.

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