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Ductwork Leakage Test

Airtight ductwork is one of the keys to a quality heating and cooling system. It helps to make the building healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

Airtightness is crucial to ensure a ductwork system performs as designed. The need for ductwork pressure testing is increasing as more architects and new building projects specifications request it. The test evidences that the ductwork has been installed correctly. Testing is mandatory on medium and high class ductwork systems, which are installed in environments where ventilation performance is critical, such as pharmaceutical industries or hospitals. Testing of low class systems isn’t mandatory but may be requested.

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Leaky ducts can significantly increase energy bills, dramatically reduce system capacity and performance, as well as result in potentially dangerous indoor air quality problems. Duct leakage is often responsible for complaints about indoor comfort by building occupants.

We know the importance of ductwork leakage testing here at Clevair, which is why we offer a nationwide ductwork pressure testing service in accordance with DW143 or SMACNA leakage testing guidelines. This service places ductwork under fixed pressure to ensure that leakage is not greater than allowable rates stated in guidelines.

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