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SOP Development

Clevair can provide services to write your facility's SOPs. SOPs are standard operating procedures that describe how to perform basic operations in the facility. SOPs will be written to be easily understandable and logically organized.

The following list includes a sampling of the SOPs required for plant-wide certification:

  • General SOP procedures to generate, review, and approve SOPs
  • Equipment SOPs

Cleaning (sanitization), Sterilization, Maintenance, Operation, Calibration

  • Personnel SOPs

Job description (general), Personnel practices & cleanliness, Personnel training (general)

  • Control SOPs

Receipts (raw material), Stability and quality testing, Rotation of stock, Product sampling, Labeling, Product distribution

  • Facilities

Physical facilities, Cleaning (sanitizing), Plant maintenance, Environmental control, Safety, Housekeeping.

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Who we are

Clevair is a pioneer in the field of third party cleanroom validation services. 
We excel in providing independent cleanroom validation and cleanroom certification with modern equipment.

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