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Validation Master Plan

The Validation Master Plan (VMP) is the top level document which identifies the scope and depth of validation required delineated system by system. It is a living document, which is constantly updated and amended during the course of the project. It describes the tests to be performed and it identifies the systems, computer systems and processes to be validated. It also defines the responsibilities of the various groups (QC, engineering) during the validation of the equipment or facility. It is a critical part of a successful project and the usual starting point.

Clevair can develop your Validation Master Plan (VMP). This summary document will describe in clear terms, the general philosophy and procedures to be followed in the validation process; as well as the roles and responsibilities of all supporting groups involved in the execution and on-going maintenance of the plan. For specific projects, the VMP defines the organizational structure of all validation activities and identifies the systems, equipment, utilities, computer systems, and processes to be validated.

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Clevair is a pioneer in the field of third party cleanroom validation services. 
We excel in providing independent cleanroom validation and cleanroom certification with modern equipment.

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